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Pastry Chef Gigi

Gigi comes from a family full of professional cooks. Her late grandmother Loverrene “Suga Mama”Jefferson cooked for everyone when she was a child, Gigi assisted her in cooking everything from cheesecakes, pound cakes, pies, butter rolls, bread pudding, cobblers & more! Whenever her grandmother would create a new recipe she’d always file it in her recipe book.


On November 24th, 2010, Gigi’s grandmother passed away, Gigi then took her recipe book and continued her work. 

Gigi started to selling her desserts in 2012. Her brother’s Kedrick & Rodney Baker were her very 1st customers. They loved her cheesecakes so much they told her to start selling them. 

At The CheeseCakery Desserts More our specialty is Cheesecake! We can make anything that is cheesecake related but we also have a wide variety of desserts to choose from.


We take pride in our work and love when customers come back for every birthday, holiday, anniversary or just because. Each dessert is made from scratch and with lots of love!

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